Sândalo Footwear was founded in 1965 in the city of Franca, São Paulo State, Brazil. Since its firsts days Sândalo was concerned to deliver quality to its consumers. For Sândalo, quality has a huge understanding; is more than just a bold design; is something that allow you feels “safety”, comfort like you are not wearing shoes (despite you are, in did) with style. The shoes are “built” to be used on a daily basis, and despite that, they will follow your steps for a long time.


Throughout the manufacturing process, the shoes are designed to add comfort and zest to the everyday life of men with the best materials and latest technology.


Sândalo products carry the “Franca Seal of Origin indication”, that guaranty the quality of its footwear. The city of Franca, received the title of "Shoes City" with intellectual property character recognized and protected by law through the INPI, highlighting its exceptional quality.


With a solid and representative brand, Sândalo joined now www.brazildepot.com to offer these special products to the American market.