You probably recon Italian and German shoes as top quality shoes, right?


Brazilian started production shoes in the 1820’s, these producers were mostly German and Italian immigrants that came to Brazil and brought their leather craftsmanship culture. And in 1800s the manufacturing process become more industrialized. And the first shoe factory in Brazil was opened in 1888.


Around 1960s, the Brazilian shoes were being sold all over world, including US.


By 2015 it was the 3rd largest footwear industry in the world. Brazil is still the most important footwear producer outside of Asia. It is responsible for a production of nearly 1 billion pairs in 2017. Brazil’s footwear industry solid base is maintained by its world-renowned reputation, especially relating to the skills and ability of the shoe industry workers and the quality of its leather.


The Brazilian footwear landscape is made by +8,000 (yes 8 thousand!) companies, employing over 350,000 (thousand again…) people


Why Brazilian shoes?

Because it’s footwear is known for its good prices, high quality and unique design. Currently you can find it in more than 150 countries. The United States and France are among the big names for Brazilian footwear exports.