We are based in Florida!! And we love Brazil! 

Why BrazilDepot? 

Some from our team knows Brazil very well. And Brazil is, and has been for a long-time, producer and supplier of quality products. Since 2014, over 200 countries imported goods from Brazil, including USA. And just as an example, America is the main destination of Brazilian shoes reaching almost 1.0 billion shoes pair since 2000. 

Is the Brazilian Shoes made of good quality? 

For sure! Brazil produces footwear since 1824, almost 2 centuries. Some families are still in the business since the beginning! There are more than 7700 companies producing shoes that employee more than 300 thousand workers directly. Some companies had been used and still be used by the international brands as the producer of their “private label” shoes. Brazil has the World's 2nd largest bovine herd and its cattle eats green grass. Brazilians use to say they have “green eco cattle”. The leather is very flexible! Brazil has the know-how, the raw material and transform them in fantastic footwear.  

Brazil has much more than white sand beaches, caipirinha and Carnival. The country also has a distinguished culture. The Brazilians are happy and very creative. They transfer their joy into everything they produce. In time, you will know.  

Enjoy your shopping experience of “made in Brazil” products! 

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